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Our holistic approach is to take into account the inner environment of the individual

To help him better find his place and take care of his OUTSIDE environment.

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Academy Collaboration with AIESEC

On 16th January 2017, the academy greeted with the AIESEC team, the new year with an open day for school kids to take away with them, the souvenirs of a fun day at AISD.  Forty kids from Hampton Schools of Curepipe and Quatre Bornes and their teachers graced us of their presence.  It was a cherished moment when they arrived and appeased in the peaceful learning space and were eager to start the day. 

There were various captivating activities organised for a fun day, namely:
  • Virtue wheel.  The kids gathered into files and each picked up a virtue by spinning the wheel.  They were amazed to realisewhat their virtues meant.  They now know that living their virtue will bloom their dreams.
  • Photobooth.  Inside the marquee erected for the open day, the kids took amazing pictures of themselves as virtuous drivers of the Peace van with road signs of Love heart and Peace doves.
  • Workshop themed “follow your dreams”.  The kids were blessed with wise words from Curepipe BK centre Director, Academy President, Hampton Principal and AEISEC team leader.